High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
How to maintain Fluoroplastic Magnetic pump?


    Do well the concrete foundation according to the size of the foundation, bury the anchor bolt together; check the pump and motor before installation, all parts should not be damaged and there should be no sundries in the pump; place the unit on the foundation and place the pair of wedges between the bottom plate and the foundation,By adjusting the wedge pad, find the level of the pump.After adjustment, tighten the anchor bolt; the suction and exhaling line of the pump is supported separately; the installation of Fluoroplastic Self-priming Pump is finished; finally, the coupling is turned by hand to check whether there is rubbing and touching phenomenon, and the installation is completed if the rotation is easy and even without serial movement; In order to prevent sundries from entering the pump, a filter should be set up at the inlet, and the filter area should be 3 or 4 times larger than the cross section area of the pipeline. Fluoroplastic Centrifugal Pump must ensure that the pump installation height in line with the pump cavitation allowance, and take into account pipeline losses and medium temperature.

Start and Operation:

     Fill the pump with the liquid before starting, close the gate valve and connect the power; check the steering of the pump correctly in the direction of the sign; turn the unit around for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, if there is no abnormal phenomenon, put it into operation; when stopping, The gate valve at the outlet should be closed first, then the power supply should be cut off; the pump body should be washed with clear water when disassembled until the corrosive medium inside the pump body is completely washed; and when replacing the pump machine fittings, the pump parts shall not be severely hit with sharp or hard objects, Use cork wrap wood light strike, remove the parts should be light, sealing face upward.

        Check the pump and motor regularly, replace the vulnerable parts; clean the flow passage of the pump and cut off the dust cover of the power supply when the pump is stopped for a long time. Turn on the machine according to the direction of the indicator, strictly forbid the reverse and idling.


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