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Advantages of ZMD Self-priming Magnetic pump


    ZMD Fluoroplastic Magnetic Self-priming Pump is a kind of magnetic pump and Self-priming Pump, which has been developed by many research units. This series of pumps have all the excellent characteristics of the magnetic pump. And the biggest advantage is self-priming, the general self-priming height can reach 1-4 meters, fully combined with the advantages of magnetic pump, both self-suction function, but also cancel the shaft seal, using magnetic coupling indirect transmission, eliminate the phenomenon of leakage.

    ZMD Fluoroplastic Magnetic Self-priming Pump body is made of cast iron shell lined with polyfluoroethylpropylene, pump cap and impeller are compacted by metal insert, external fluorine plastics are sintered, isolation sleeve is made of PEEK, and has high strength mechanical properties. The phenomenon of magnetic eddy current is eliminated. Compared to the ordinary magnetic pump, the magnetic self-priming pump after the first use of the liquid before, the second and later use of the need for liquid, directly start the machine to absorb the transport of less than the pump installed position below the liquid. ZMD Magnetic Pump is an ideal choice for replacing the import self-priming pump of heavy liquid pump.

ZMD fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump uses a unique backpull structure, one person can easily carry out internal maintenance and parts replacement, no need to remove the pipe, greatly facilitate the daily maintenance and repair work.


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