High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
Advantages and disadvantages of Magnetic pump


A. advantages of magnetic pumps.
1. because the transmission shaft does not need to penetrate the pump shell, but uses the magnetic field through the air gap and the thin wall transmission torque of the isolation sleeve to drive the inner rotor, so the leakage channel of the shaft seal is fundamentally eliminated and the complete seal is realized.
2. the magnetic pump has the function of overload protection when transmitting power. .

3. except for the high requirements of magnetic materials and magnetic circuit design, the other parts of the technical requirements are not high. 4. the maintenance and repair workload of magnetic pump is small.

magnetic pumps

B. shortcomings of magnetic pump

1. the efficiency of magnetic pump is lower than that of ordinary centrifugal pump.

2. because the wear resistance of the isolation sleeve material is generally poor, the magnetic pump is generally used to transport the medium without solid particles.

magnetic pumps


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